What is a Welsh Battlefield?

The Definition Used for the Inventory

Wales lacks the traditional large-scale battlefields that are characteristic of those on the registers and inventories of other UK home nations. If Wales were to adopt the same definition of a battlefield site used by these other countries, it is unlikely that many Welsh sites could be included on the Inventory. Consequently, we have adopted the following much broader and wide-ranging definition:

An area or location, terrestrial or marine, where a conflict occurred, involving military forces. All aspects of Wales’s past should be considered for the identification of historic battlefield sites, which may include traditional battles, sieges, invasions, skirmishes, ambushes, massacres and sites of civil unrest.

This wider definition is compatible with the text of Section 35 of the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 which uses a similarly wide-ranging definition of a conflict site: ‘a battlefield or a site on which some other conflict involving military forces took place’.


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