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Mrs Kate Barekr

A message for the research team who worked on trying to locate the site for the battle of Pentraeth, 1170. I have lived at Ty Fry for over 12 years and we have cleared a lot of the site. It has raised walkways and viewing platforms hewn out of large natural rock forms, with extensive views, really extensive views from these so that you can see for 180 degrees for miles around. I had thought that the raised walkways and platforms would originally have been of military significance and then came across your article on the battle of Pentraeth. Its interesting because now the site is more cleared Ty Fry sits as if in a dip or saucer and from the rim of the saucer you have a military and strategic advantage. Apparently the sea used to come right inland in this area too. You can also signal to and from all of the platforms and to the house from them. You are welcome to visit the site – I am going to start searching with a metal detector. We’ve already found thumb flints dated at between 5 and 7 thousand years old. Feel free to contact me XXXXXXXXXX. My name is Mrs Kate Barker.